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About Us

Bartec’s founder and CEO Robert Barrett comes from a lineage of individuals involved in life safety; his great-grandfather was fire chief for the Steel Company of Canada, Ltd., and his father was first fire chief in Roxboro, QC, tragically losing his life in the line of duty. Barrett himself served as a volunteer fire fighter in his hometown of Morin Heights, QC from ’71-’73.

Barrett established Bartec Fire Safety Systems in 1980, seven years after moving to Vancouver, his vision to serve the life safety needs of the community. Realizing that to thrive in a Darwinian business era where survival was only of the fittest, Barrett’s first tasks were to evaluate the possibilities, make sound choices, and maximize the business potential for Bartec within the fast-growing community.

Understanding this meant building a professional team that would be able to deliver high quality fire safety products with optimum efficiency. His intent was to build a solution-oriented business, offering his
clients the highest quality products and service at a reasonable price that also made sound business sense for Bartec. This required solid values being set as unmovable cornerstones in his founding
principles that are in place today.

Those values were and remain:

  • Transparency: In a business relationship openness and transparency being with staff, and extends to clients.
  • Integrity: A job is complete when Bartec staff can answer “Yes.” to the question, “Would we stay with our newborn child in this building overnight?”
  • Responsibility: Barrett knew that Bartec’s clients must accept being equal partners in maintaining the life safety of those in their building, understanding that Bartec’s responsibility is to serve while being fully versed in all codes, updates, or other changes, and remaining aware of state-of- the-art equipment.

Meet Our Team

Braden Barrett: Deputy CEO, quotations, senior technical advisor, fire alarm system & systems programming engineer.

Coral Bilkoski: General manager, accounts receivable.

Neil B: System installations and upgrade supervisor and senior electrician.


Bartec prides itself on the high quality and knowledge of our service technicians, all of whom are ASTTBC certified in a minimum of four disciplines fire alarms, sprinklers, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. Education is a cornerstone of our commitment to our customers. Our technicians are involved in an ongoing educational process which includes in-house training, courses at BCIT and other institutions, and training provided by equipment manufacturers. With our computerized service systems, our technicians have ready access to all the latest codes and standards as well as the earlier versions which still apply to some of the older buildings we service. We also have licensed Red Seal electricians on staff, ensuring the highest quality installation of new and upgraded fire alarm and other life safety systems.

Please accept this letter as a letter of gratitude for the exceptional performance of Bartec employees Brandon Marshall and Rob Barrett who were on site @ 908 W. 7th Avenue., Vancouver yesterday.  Council was very pleased at the attendance in uniform, punctuality and verbal professionalism displayed by all Bartec employees.  Council further felt that Mr. Brandon Marshall went above and beyond what was expected to see that the building was properly cared for and kept safe.

Thank you again from The Owners Strata Plan LMS 1909


LESAWork Performance at Laurel Bridge - 908 W. 7th Avenue., Vancouver, B.C. - S.D. WOODMAN MANAGEMENT LTD.

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