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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Vancouver BC

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Distributed Antenna System or E-Comm Radio Building Amplification System

What is a DAS?

distributed antenna system, or DAS, is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides wireless service within a
geographic area or structure. DAS antenna elevations are generally at or below the clutter level and node installations are compact. A distributed antenna system may be deployed indoors (an iDAS) or outdoors (an oDAS).

Municipalities that are using E-Comm’s Wide area radio network
ecom das distributed antenna system

Zinwave Wideband Technology

  • Supports all frequencies on a single layer (150 – 2700MHZ)
  • Wide band means NO Upgrades, Optimized power means no wasted RF
  • single system – single component supports all
    • police, fire LTE, GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WIMAX, Telemetry, WIFI, TDD/FDD

wideband active das zinwave


  • One hardware layer supports any mix of services;
    • 150MMz – 2.7 GHz
    • Carrier Aggregation
  • Unique future -proof benefit;
    • No costly upgrades
    • Install now knowing any future service is supported
  • Fiber optic cable distribution throughout;
    • Lower installation costs compared to coax cable
    • Extended reach from head-end
    • Faster to install. Minimal disruption to the building
  • Simple, just 5 components;
    • Easy to install. Flexible, Scalable for any size installation
    • Reduced maintenance/spare holding
  • Lower total cost ownership, including design and commissioning
    • Lower cost for enterprise development
    • Green technology = Lowest OPEX

Your Distributed Antenna System Can Be More Affordable Than You May Think!

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