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Fire Safety Plans

Designing Your Fire Safety Plan and Training Your Staff

When there is a fire it is just as important to have a fire safety plan available as it is to have fire safety equipment!

Fire Safety PlanYour fire safety plan, requirement of the National and Provincial Fire Code, can save lives, and greatly reduce property damage. Fire safety plans are designed to help people evacuate a building safely during a fire or other emergency situations. They also are intended to help the fire department in their work, showing floor layouts, gas, electrical and water shutoff valves, and disconnection and shut down switches. They also indicate where any hazardous materials are stored, and tell fire fighters precisely what that material is. These plans let the occupants know where the fire safety equipment is located, and the fastest and safest evacuation route to an exit. Furthermore, this plan also helps locate people in need of assistance during an emergency.

Our team will produce a detailed and accurate fire safety plan that will meet all the needs of your building, as well as the Provincial Fire Codes and municipal regulations. Our staff remains current with all the codes and regulations, thus ensuring the highest quality fire safety plan.

Plans are designed using AutoCAD drawings, and we can provide simple text, intricate illustrations and graphics that meet the needs of our client’s buildings. We provide the required hard-copies of the fire safety plan for the building and fire director as well as the required electronic formatted copy for the fire department.

We make sure our client’s fire safety plan outlines and documents the maintenance of all life-safety equipment. We also provide the training required for the supervisory staff, those whose job it is to insure the safety of all occupants. In this training, we identify every detail of the duties the building staff will be required to perform in case of an emergency, and makes sure they understand, and can respond appropriately in the moment.

The professional and skilled staff in our fire safety plan department are ready to provide you with a custom fire and life safety plan! For more information or to set up a consultation to develop your plan and schedule the fire safety training of your staff, please contact our office.

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“I was really impressed with this FSP and PIP and drawings, I would have to say that it is one of the better ones that I have seen….”

From a lower mainland fire department

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