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Fire Suppression Systems

Sinorix from Siemens

Superior detection technology with fast suppression.
Our state-of- the-art fire suppression systems work with FirePrintâ„¢ Intelligent Fire Detectors, the most highly evolved detection system available today. These detectors feature advanced micro-processing technology and function similarly to the human brain to discriminate between deceptive phenomena and an actual fire.

Sinorix 1230 – Innovative, Intelligent and Environmentally Friendly

Sinorix 1230 is an innovative solution that reduces the risk of fire damage in critical applications, sensitive equipment areas, and at museums or archives holding rare and invaluable collections. The Sinorix 1230 solution is based on a long-term, sustainable technology that has one of the highest safety margins in the industry and ensures quick and reliable extinguishing without a negative impact on the environment.

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