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Bartec Fire Safety Systems has provided prompt reliable fire alarm service to Santa Monica Apartments for over two decades. Their service and customer care has always been top-notch. In this day and age what makes them special is their promptness and attention to detail. Over the years it has been nice to see Bartec grow into the major fire alarm service and new installation company that they are today. Bartec just installed a new two-panel alarm system, complete with state of the art audible sensors throughout our building, with 24 hour monitoring service. We couldn’t be happier. Bravo Bartec. Many people and companies will enjoy doing business you. We wish you all the best in your future growth and prosperity.
June 30, 2017

Shirley & Boris KingSanta Monica Apartments

Bartec Fire Safety Systems Ltd. has helped me out with a few project now and they manage their scope of work very well and continually look for opportunities to bring value to the project. Whether it be creative ideas, or common sense solutions, there has always been an atmosphere that has allowed us to work together to achieve the best results.
I will look to Bartec for my future projects as a partner I can count on.
June 27, 2017

Mark McCrackenG.S.C. Director, Facilities & Project Management - The Jim Pattison Auto Group Surrey

We’ve selected Bartec for this work.  Though your prices are not the least expensive, your simple approach to pricing your services is a plus.  I was also impressed with Neil when he did the winterization.  Having people that work well and work fairly with us is important.  In fact, we’ve changed companies because the previous people started to “play games” with us.

January 20, 2016

Condo council member for Tsawwassen condo (referral upon request)Received from a Strata council at the conclusion of their quote process.

Good Afternoon:

Please accept this letter as a letter of gratitude for the exceptional performance of Bartec employees Brandon Marshall and Rob Barrett who were on site @ 908 W. 7th Avenue., Vancouver yesterday.  Council was very pleased at the attendance in uniform, punctuality and verbal professionalism displayed by all Bartec employees.  Council further felt that Mr. Brandon Marshall went above and beyond what was expected to see that the building was properly cared for and kept safe.

Thank you again from The Owners Strata Plan LMS 1909



Robert and his staff were instrumental in revising the Seton Villa Fire Plan. Robert also provided education to the residents. They were very pleased and felt informed on their role in Fire Safety at Seton Villa.
June 26, 2017

Pat KasprowExecutive Director - Seton Villa Retirement Centre


On Thursday May 16 and Friday May 17, Ron Hurrie and Christine Longbottom conducted the annual inspection at our 65 West Cordova building.

Ron and Christine were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were courteous, professional and diligent.

Some of our tenants can be rather difficult (to say the least) and I know that both Christine and Ron were ‘bothered’ by a several tenants. They dealt with these intrusions in a very professional manner – and with a great deal more patience than I had with tenants during the two days of inspection/testing!

I have worked for Lore Krill co-op since December 2008. At that time, we were experiencing several problems with the panel, and I knew squat about fire panels/messages/resetting, etc. Bartec was always just a phone call away, and I very much appreciated the patience and courtesy from your office staff and from the technicians who came on site to deal with whatever problem we were having.

On July 12/13, I am retiring, and my days of dealing with Bartec are coming to an end. For that reason, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks to you all.


Wendy KentCOHO Administrative Assistant - Lore Krill Housing Co-op