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Testing and Inspections of Fire Alarm, Sprinkler and other Life Safety Systems

Our professional technicians are ASTTBC certified, and trained to provide extensive and thorough inspections and testing of fire alarm systems.

Within 48 hours of completing a monthly or annual inspection, we deliver a state-of-the art report on the following:

  1. Fire alarm systems
  2. Emergency lighting systems
  3. Fire extinguishers
  4. Smoke alarms
  5. Fan and smoke control devices inspection
  6. Backflow device inspection, testing and repair
  7. Panel repairs, and any additional services required
  8. Device repairs, and any additional services required
  9. Smoke detector sensitivity testing
  10. Sprinkler system inspections and testing
  11. Special suppression systems inspection and testing

Let us know how we can help with servicing or updating your fire alarm system.

Your Fire Safety System Testing and Inspections Can Be More Affordable Than You May Think!

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