What We Do?

A message from Rob Barrett, founder of Bartec Fire Safety Systems:

Bartec is a full-service fire safety company. We service all fire safety equipment including fire alarm systemssprinkler systemsemergency lightingfire extinguishersdevelop fire safety plans and more. Our customers range from small family-owned apartment buildings to high-rise complexes, care facilities and industrial sites. Any building that contains fire alarm equipment is our customer, and all our customers get the same high-quality service.

Working in the fire safety industry back in the late seventies, I became disillusioned with the direction the industry was taking. In 1980 I actualized my vision of what a fire safety company should be and started Bartec Fire Safety – a company that does business differently, with honesty and integrity, and puts customers and employees in the forefront. I wanted a company with well-trained, educated technicians who would do an excellent job for our customers. Nearly 40 years later, Bartec remains a family run business with high standards which put us above a lot of other companies that tend to simply go through the paces.

Our industry is ever changing and always expanding. Bartec is endlessly looking for up-and-coming technologies we can take advantage of to better serve and protect our customers, as well as the public. A combination of in-house training programs on these new technologies and monthly meetings with our technicians to review what has changed in the codes and in the industry ensures that we learn continuously how to better meet our customers’ needs.

We developed our own database reporting system specifically for the fire safety industry to produce reports and deliver accurate vital information on inspections, testing and maintenance to our customers within 24 hours of the work being completed on site. This allows Bartec to quickly rectify any fire orders or other emergency issues as soon as possible. Our system was unique in our industry and is still head and shoulders above the competition.

We take pride in making the human connection by putting ourselves in your shoes, and it’s always been important to us to forge a relationship with our customers based on integrity, trustworthiness and transparency. This translates to providing our customers with a complete price and no additional charges or hidden fees. When Bartec provides you with a quote, the price you see is the price you pay and nothing more.

Being able to help people with their fire safety needs through our business is quite gratifying. If I’m able to help a customer where somebody has either taken advantage of them in the past or simply hasn’t has the service they desired, it really hits home with me. I get a great deal of satisfaction from that.

After more than forty years in the fire safety industry I still love to come to work. I believe we have stayed in business for all these years because of our commitment to customer service. At the end of every day I know that we have made our community a little safer, and perhaps even saved lives. There are few jobs that can give you that kind of satisfaction.