Why Choose Us?


Our industry is ever-changing and always expanding, becoming more technical and complex every year. Bartec is continuously looking for emerging technologies we can take advantage of to better serve and protect our customers and the public. With in-house training programs on these new technologies, our technicians maintain current knowledge of changing codes and equipment. For example, the evolution from analog to the ever-evolving digital fire safety equipment.

As a further example of Bartec’s innovative approach, we first developed our own proprietary service software and database reporting system specifically for the fire safety industry in the mid 1990’s. This is now in its sixth version, enabling us to deliver accurate and vital information on inspections, testing, and maintenance to our customers within 24 hours of the work being completed on site. Typical industry practice is 3 weeks or longer. This allows Bartec to quickly rectify any fire orders or other emergency issues as soon as possible. Our system was unique in our industry in the 1990’s and is still head and shoulders above the competition.

In recent years we have become North American distributors for several European and Asian manufacturers of fire fighting equipment. We have introduced new and innovative fire fighting and fire suppression systems from Germany, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Cypress, China, and Korea. Bringing the best, the world has to offer to Canada, and giving our Burnaby based company a global reach. From fire suppression systems used on the International Space station to high-pressure foam mobile fire fighting equipment employing all manner of vehicles – motorcycles, ATVs, and small trucks. All these suppression products are environmentally safe. This equipment has helped First Nations and remote communities obtain highly effective fire fighting capabilities.

Industry contribution:

Development of the fire safety industry in BC and Canada has always been important to Bartec. Bartec’s President, Rob Barrett, helped establish the fire protection technician’s division of the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians Association (ASTTBC). This involved developing the code of standards, certification, and education requirements for all fire protection technicians in BC. Rob went on to sit on the certification board for 19 years. In conjunction with the ASTTBC and the Federal Government Bartec developed and delivered training programs for new arrivals to Canada on the basics of our industry. In conjunction with this program, Bartec had many of these trainees “job shadow” with our technicians, allowing them an insight into the work and enabling them an opportunity to obtain employment.