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NOTE: Although ABC and BC Dry Chemical extinguishers can control a fire involving electronic equipment, the National Fire Code (NFPA 75-1999 edition), Section 6-3-2, specifically advises against dry-chemical extinguishers for fires involving computers or other delicate electronic equipment due to the potential damage from residues.

Multiple Purpose Dry Chemical (ABC)

Multi-purpose fire extinguishers utilize a dry chemical agent (siliconized mono ammonium phosphate) that suppresses Class A, B and C fires.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 is discharged as a white cloud that smothers the fire by eliminating its oxygen. It is a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas and is safe for use on clothing, equipment, valuable documents or food.

Class K Extinguishers

Excellent for commercial kitchens, restaurants and culinary schools. Intended to put out extremely hot grease and oil fires.

Purple K Dry Chemical

Purple K fire extinguishers contain a specially fluidized and siliconized potassium bicarbonate dry chemical, which is particularly effective on high-hazard Class B and Class C fires.

Class D Extinguishers

Class D fire extinguishers contain a sodium chloride based dry chemical extinguishing agent. They are specifically for use in areas where combustible metals are present.

Water Mist

Water mist extinguishers are designed to provide customers with an environmentally friendly clean agent. The extinguishant is simply distilled water and therefore is non-toxic and leaves no residue.


Halotron is a “Clean Agent” HydroChloroFluoroCarbon discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid which leaves no residue. It effectively extinguishes Class A and B fires by cooling and smothering.

Chimney Fire Extinguishers

Protect your home with Chimfex, the original chimney fire extinguisher that can extinguish a chimney fire in just seconds.

Important facts to know regarding a fire

No one is required to put out a fire, however, if you attempt to extinguish one you need to know about fire extinguishers.

  1. Only attempt to put a fire out if you have a clear exit from the room.
  2. Do not turn your back on a fire and keep your exit from the room open and accessible at all times.
  3. Extinguishers will work for approximately 30 seconds.
  4. If you have not put the fire out in that time, leave the area immediately.
  5. Once you leave a burning room, do not re-enter.
  6. Close the door to a room with a fire.
  7. Leave the door unlocked as the fire department will need to enter.
  8. If you know the type of fire and contents of the room, please advise the Chief Fire Warden for the building or the Fire Department personnel.
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