Mobile Foam Fire Fighting Equipment

HNE’s Mobile Foam Units

High performance portable and motorized fire fighting systems are now available in Canada. Bartec Fire Safety Systems has partnered with HNE Technologies AG of Germany to bring these innovative extinguishing systems to North American firefighters. HNE’s high performance fire fighting systems bring a new level of effectiveness to the portable and mobile fire fighting. HNE devices are easy to operate and maintain. Recharging is quickly done by the user without the need of any tools. The exceptional high efficiency reduces water consumption and chemicals to an absolute minimum. Cleaning cost and environmental damage is significantly lower than conventional fire extinguishers because all HNE units are suitable for use with biodegradable foam agents.

HNE extinguisher systems are hard working due to their sturdy design and high-quality German craftmanship. HNE’s Mobile Foam Unit, is a self-contained high-pressure fire fighting apparatus designed to be mounted in a light truck or trailer, capable of generating a focused jet of extinguishing foam or water with a range of up to 35 meters. With a fully automatic engine control, the MFU starts up and is ready for use in seconds. Simple push button controls allow for the MFU to be operated by a single person. With variable jet focus capability and flow rate, multiple additive reservoirs, and attachable foam nozzle the MFU system is quickly adaptable to a wide variety of situations.


  • Mounting on various vehicles or trailers
  • Single person operation
  • Fully automatic engine operation
  • Variable jet focus and flow rates
  • Multiple additive reservoirs
  • Attachable foam nozzle
  • Quickly adaptable to various situations

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