Fire Safety Plans

Bartec understands the need for Fire Safety Plans to be completed on an expedited basis, whether it’s to fulfill occupancy requirements, or to remain in compliance with orders from the Fire Department. We have a proven track record of producing Fire Safety Plans within timelines to ensure our customers a worry-free process.

We Provide FSP Plans for a diverse range of clients:

I was really impressed with this FSP and PIP drawings, I would have to say that it is one of the better ones I have seen...!
From the lower mainland fire department
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Residential FSP

Residential facilities – apartments, condos, hotels etc

Industrial FSP

Industrial Facilities – Manufacturing plants, farms, etc


Commercial FSP

Commercial buildings – offices, retail, restaurants, etc.

Construction FSP

Construction, alteration or demolition operations.

Sentinel Secondary School – One of the 18 schools in West Vancouver School District 45 for which Bartec has provided Fire Safety Plans

Institutional FSP

Institutional Facilties – Schools, Churches, etc.

When there is a fire it is just as important to have a fire safety plan available as it is to have fire safety equipment!

A well-designed Fire Safety Plan helps both occupants and first responders in coping with emergency situations. Fire Safety plans are a requirement of the Canadian and Provincial Fire Codes and municipal bylaws. Bartec Fire Safety will develop a fire safety plan specifically for your strata or commercial property, ensuring both residents and first responders have the information they require.

Your fire safety plan, can save lives, and greatly reduce property damage. Fire safety plans are designed to help people evacuate a building safely during a fire or other emergencies. They assist fire departments, showing floor layouts, gas, electrical and water shutoff valves, and disconnection and shut down switches. They inform first responders the nature and location of any hazardous materials. Accurate floor plans posted through out the building help occupants find the best evacuation route. Fire fighters see the layout of the building as well as the location of people in need of assistance.

Our team will produce a detailed and accurate fire safety plan that will meet all the needs of your building, as well as the Fire Codes and municipal regulations. Our team remains current with all the codes and regulations, thus ensuring the highest quality fire safety plan.

Descriptions and frequency of the required testing, inspections and maintenance of the life-safety equipment is included in all Bartec’s fire safety plans. Also provided are the required hard-copies of the fire safety plan for the building and fire director and the required electronic formatted copy for the fire department as well as the storage box for the fire plan.

We work extensively with property development companies providing construction fire safety plans and fire safety plans, efficiently meeting deadlines for occupancy.
Training is also available for your supervisory staff, those whose job it is to insure the safety of all occupants. The training identifies the duties the building staff will be required to perform in case of an emergency, ensuring they understand, and can respond appropriately in the moment.

The professional and skilled staff in our fire safety plan department are ready to provide you with a custom fire and life safety plan! For more information or a free estimate, please contact our office.