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With shared values and a clear vision, Bartec’s team of dedicated professionals has built a solid reputation for the highest standard of customer care, providing the best in products, repairs, inspections, installation and upgrading of fire and life safety systems. From West Vancouver to Chilliwack, you can rely on the experts at Bartec Fire Safety.

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Fire Alarm system Installation & Upgrades

We are proud to offer fire safety products, control panels, devices, and accessories engineered to work in unison, providing reliable performance and worry-free operation for years to come.


Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing

This test can help identify fouled detectors before they cause false alarms or fail during an emergency. 

Sprinkler Line Flushing

Why do sprinkler standpipes and branch lines need to be flushed? The BC Fire Code and NFPA Standards require it.

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Testing & Inspections

Our professional technicians are ASTTBC certified, and trained to provide extensive and thorough inspections and testing of fire alarm systems.


Backflow Testing

Backflow assembly parts can break down and wear out, the municipalities in the lower mainland have created by-laws to help ensure the safety of our drinking water.


U.L.C Central Monitoring

Monitoring is the term for when a building’s fire alarm panel is watched and scrutinized by a central station which is responsible to notify the local fire department when there is a threat of fire. 


Exit & Emergency Lighting

The self-contained emergency lighting equipment is to be tested to ensure lights will function upon failure of primary power supply.

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