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The pilot lights on self-contained emergency lighting units are to be checked to ensure proper operation. Emergency lighting units are to be inspected to ensure terminal connections are clean, free of corrosion and lubricated. Terminal clamps must be clean and tight, and the electrolyte levels and specific gravity must be maintained as per manufacturers’ specifications. The battery surface must be kept clean and dry, and require maintenance as often as necessary.

The self-contained emergency lighting equipment is to be tested to ensure lights will function upon failure of primary power supply. Emergency lighting unit equipment must be tested to ensure the unit will provide emergency lighting for a duration equal to design criteria (see note below) under simulated power failure conditions. All remote heads must function correctly and be adjusted if necessary, remove comma to ensure the correct direction. Charging conditions for voltage, current and recovery period are tested and recorded to ensure charging system is in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Note: The Building Code states that power sources shall be designed and installed so supply power will assume electrical load automatically for a period of:

  1. 2 hours for all buildings within the scope of Subsection 3.2.6. (High buildings)
  2. 1 hour for buildings of Group B major occupancy (institutions) if not a high building, and
  3. ½ hour for all other buildings of all other occupancies

In our commitment to putting safety first, we also want to ensure the health of our environment. We know that living ‘green’ is both a smart personal choice and a wise business decision.

To this end, we recommend our clients use Everlux safety signage. Providing comprehensive solutions, Everlux’s photo-luminescent safety and emergency signage provides instant visual identification in the event of a power loss or heavy smoke. This unique signage absorbs and stores energy from ambient light, be it natural, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapour, allowing the sign to be clearly visible in blackout conditions.

Furthermore, this signage makes fire safety equipment and exits readily identifiable and reduces the potential risk for panic. We believe Everlux Safety Signage is the #1 choice for our clients’ floor-level emergency egress systems.

In addition, we have a complete line of photoluminescent tapes. Both signs and tapes can be produced as custom orders, in either rigid or flexible formats up to 54” wide, with any type of lettering, and in multiple colours.

We look forward to hearing how we can work with you to meet your emergency lighting needs.


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