Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing

Did You Know That The BC Fire Code and ULC Require Smoke Detectors To Be Sensitivity Tested On An Annual Basis?

This test can help identify fouled detectors before they cause false alarms or fail during an emergency. Bartec Fire Safety has the specialized equipment and trained technicians to complete these tests efficiently, reducing false alarms and ensuring your protection.


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CAN/ULC-S536:2019 Standard for Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems Code Reference: Each smoke detector shall be tested to confirm that it is within its rated operating range using a test method described in (Refer to 23.1, Field Device Testing-Legends and Notes.) A smoke detector whose sensitivity is not within the manufacturer’s published operating range shall be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, retested in accordance with, and if still not within its rated sensitivity, replaced with a compatible smoke detector. If the manufacturer’s published operating range is not available, the smoke detector sensitivity shall comply with Table 14.1, Visible Smoke Obscuration Limits of this Standard. (Refer to 23.1, Field Device Testing-Legends and Notes.) Each smoke detector sensitivity measurement and if applicable, the cleaning date shall be recorded on the individual device record. (Refer to 23.1, Field Device Testing-Legends and Notes; and 23.2, Individual Device Record.) Acceptable methods of determining the smoke detector sensitivity are:
a) Manufacturer’s recommended test instrument, equipment, or method.
b) Installed control units or transponders designed to test the sensitivity of individual smoke detectors; or
c) Test instruments that provide calibrated sensitivity measuring operation as described in CAN/ULC-S529, Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems, acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.