Looking for a solution to your Sprinkler Needs? Bartec has you covered!

We provide comprehensive inspections, minor renovations, and repair for sprinklers, backflows and local fire hydrants. Our services include:

  1. Bi-monthly testing and inspection
  2. Winterization of dry sprinkler systems
  3. Full branch line flushes
  4. Annual testing and repairs
  5. Fire hose inspection and service
  6. Fire pumps
  7. Backflow prevention
  8. Hydrants

Browse our current sprinkler Services below!

Sprinkler System Service & Repair

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Sprinkler Head Relocation

Bartec Fire Safety Systems technicians are trained to relocate sprinkler heads in accordance with all current codes.


Winterization Dry Sprinkler System

Why? Throughout the year water vapor builds up inside the sprinkler piping and this vapor condenses and collects on the walls of the pipes.

Sprinkler Line Flushing

Q: Why do sprinkler standpipes and branch lines need to be flushed?
A: The BC Fire Code and NFPA Standards require it.

Backflow Systems

Backflow assembly parts can break down and wear out, municipalities in the lower mainland have created by-laws to help ensure the safety of our drinking water.

Fire Pumps

The fire pump flow test is required by NFPA 25 to be conducted once a year in order to measure the pump’s flow and pressure.

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